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The Ideas of The Game

Communicating with another human being is common in daily life. Sometimes we communicate roughly, while other times subtly. However, we rarely slow down and observe the many facets of speaking to another person.

This game aims at creating a space and an opportunity for players to aware the attitude (for example, kindness) and emotions accompanied with words-spoken.

You can play this game with VR goggles; however, you may get better experience if you play the game without them because some googles are heavy, uncomfortable, make people feel dizzy, bump into things when wearing them. We are experimenting ways to experience the virutal world without making people feel like that they have left the real world.

It's also about building a kind of games whose sources of fun include both the game itself and the players. Just like playing basketball, the source of fun is both the game and the person you play with. You can probably tell your "opponent"'s personality by just playing with him/her. The social aspect makes playing with others more fun than playing alone, sometimes.

How to Play

It takes two people to play this game.

You can either play when the two of you are physically located in the same space or you can play while chatting over the phone remotely.

First of all, two players enter the same room ID, and then the two will be connected.

One player shall choose "I will describe;" the other player shall choose "I will search."

After entering the game world, the one who chose "I will describe" shall look around; you will find the only golden box among boxes.

You shall describe the position of the golden box to your playmate to help him identify the golden box in his virtual world.

The golden box in your playmate's world won't look golden and will look like other boxes before he triggers the box, that's why he needs your help to identify it.

In order to trigger a box, you need to aim the golden circle at the center of the screen at the box, and rest the circle there for a while. Only the one who chose "I will search" can trigger boxes.

After the game finishes, two players can switch roles and play again.


(1) It might take a while when the game loads for the first time because some files need to be downloaded. However, the loading time shouldn't be longer than 1 minute.

(2) You need a piece of hardware called gyroscope in your phone in order to play the game properly. Many smartphones have gyroscopes nowadays.

(3) If both of you are present in the same space, please do not look at the screen of each other!



Time created: May 2018 - March 2019

Made in Guangzhou

Send me an email if you like to collaborate with me!

Thanks A-Frame for providing the WebVR framework & the wonderful background image in this game.